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Gear flank grinding

Precise gear flank grinding, profile grinding or screw profile grinding

Whether it concerns spur wheels, bevels or worm shafts and spline shafts, precise grinding on most modern CNC-operated grinding machines like those of Reishauer, Höfler, Mikromat, Reform, etc. is requested everywhere. Only perfect grinding guarantees for a highly precise functionality and silent operation.

Manufacturing data for thread grinding, screw profile grinding and others

We offer simplex and multiplex screw profile grinding as well as thread grinding at a maximum length of 1000 mm. With grinding lengths of up to 750 mm – at a total length of 800 mm – gear flank grinding as well as grinding of profiles and spline shafts is also possible. For the latter, a maximum diameter of 200 mm applies – for the others a diameter of 15 – 700 mm with a tooth width of up to 220 mm. Gearing quality up to level 4 is possible.

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