Kegelrad auf grauem Untergrund

Bevel gears

In gear mechanisms, especially bevel gears are exposed to the highest stress and most extreme conditions. They enable a non-slip power transmission between two rectangularly operated shafts.

High-quality bevel gears for gear mechanisms

Quality, precision and endurance are on top of the requirements for every wheel. Heinrich Höner is your competent partner for this gearing technology, also for meeting individual customer requirements and for realising special productions of such high-performing drive components.


We produce suitable bevel gears for all use. Whether individual items, mass-produced or for a special purpose – we also manufacture your gears according to your samples or drawings. With our comprehensive manufacturing facilities, we are overhauling full gear mechanisms or produce various drive components as contracted manufacturer. We offer bevel gears with a diameter of up to 600 mm and a cone distance of up to 300 mm as well as an axis length between 10 – 180 degrees. Gear transmission ratios are from 1:1 – 1:10.


Kegelrad auf grauem Untergrund (mittig)

of 1 – 10


of up to 600 mm

Please note

Shaft angle of 10 – 180 degrees
Cone distance of up to 300 mm
Gear transmission ratio of 1:1 – 1:10

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