Quality management by means of 3D and tooth flank measuring machines

Our self-monitoring and certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantee for a consistently high quality and precision of the produced drive components and gear mechanisms. Comprehensive controls, exact testing and permanent measuring are essential items of the quality philosophy of Heinrich Höner.

High precision by means of 3D measuring machine

For securing our high quality, we use well-known and proven high-performing measuring tools. The coordinate measuring tool Zeiss Eclipse 7-75 ST is a 3D measuring machine which can identify all measures of length in axes, whereby reliable measurements for various measuring tasks can be established. Component parts with a maximum weight of 400 kg can be measured. In addition, we use the tooth flank measuring machines Zeiss-Höfler ZP 250 and Zeiss-Höfler ZP 630. These special tooth flank measuring machines measure component parts with a maximum weight of 350 kg as well as with a maximum diameter of 630 mm, with a gearing length of up to 450 mm and a total length of 750 mm.

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