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About us

At Heinrich Höner GmbH & Co. KG in Oelde, splined shafts, worm gears, chain gears, gears, trapezoidal thread spindles, internal gears, splined shaft profiles and tooth flank grinding are manufactured.

Premium manufacturer of drive components like gear wheels, spur wheels, worm shafts and many others

With currently 75 employees and on about 7000 square metres, the family enterprise founded in 1946 produces high-quality drive components. Precision and quality – produced on the most modern CNC machines, tested and documented – represents our core competence. The flexibility and dedication of our medium-sized enterprise in realising customer requests (e.g. toothed racks, bevel gears, gear wheels) is well-known and estimated across the German borders.

Our drive components programme: Toothed racks, bevel gears and many others

We offer ready-to-assemble precision parts according to a drawing or a sample from all machinable materials, including all thermal treatments and surface refinements. In addition, our portfolio comprises complete assembly groups, ready to use and tested, either mass-produced or as single-unit production. According to your drawings or samples, we produce e.g. spur wheels, worm shafts and gear wheels for special use, either mass-produced or as single-unit production, and execute repairs and maintenance. We are also pleased to produce toothed racks, worm wheels or bevel gears according to your requirements or use requested technologies like profile grinding (splined hubs/involute splines).

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We are available to answer your questions, by phone or email. We would also be pleased to call you back.