Trapezoid threads

Trapezoid threads or shafts are used for exact transmission of power and movements, e.g. for lead screws in screw presses or in lathes.

Trapezoid thread shafts – even as customer-specific production

If you look at a trapezoid thread shaft in profile, it has the form of an isosceles trapezoid. The thread turns are therefore thicker than in usual shafts with a triangular profile, which enables higher slopes. As trapezoid thread shafts are mainly in motion and have a large friction, self-locking arising from slope is of advantage.

We produce trapezoid threads and shafts with a diameter of 30 – 100 mm. The maximum thread length amounts to 2600 mm when spiralled and 500 mm when ground. A slope is possible both to the right and to the left. Customer-specific productions are also possible.

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