Worm shafts / Worm wheels

Premium worm shafts: Milled, spiralled and ground

If power has to be transmitted to shafts which are arranged diagonally, this is often only possible by means of worm wheels and worm shafts. The necessary form of the shaft requires utmost precision in the production of these drive components. This especially belongs to the core competences of Heinrich Höner – based on long-term experience, technical competence and the manifold technical production methods which can be realised on our modern machinery.

Worm wheels and worm shafts consist of a ´worm` in the form of a screw, which by means of rotation spins into an interlocking gear wheel or worm wheel. We produce worm shafts by means of precise milling, spiralling and grinding and offer them as modules 1 – 14 with a diameter of up to 320 mm. A slope is possible from 0.25 – 315 mm, with a maximum helix angle of 40 degrees. Our worm wheels are offered as the same modules, however, with a diameter of 15 – 630 mm and a shaft centre distance of up to 450 mm.

Our comprehensive drive component programme of quality and precision

Besides worm shafts and worm wheels, we also offer many other drive components like gear wheels, chain wheels or spline shafts. Our component parts are produced with modern CNC machines which ensure high precision and quality. This is coming along with our premium quality management – from planning and monitoring to documentation – executed by our committed staff. We realise customer demands with utmost care and also produce ready-to-assemble precision parts according to a sample or drawing.

If you are interested in worm shafts, worm wheels and any other drive components, please feel free to contact us.


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