Gear wheels

Premium gear wheels of quality and precision

Although the gear wheel is the standard component in drive technology, it is by no means a standard product. Various materials, formats, qualities and production methods make gear wheels – which have to work robustly and precisely for many years – a matter for a declared specialist like Heinrich Höner. This applies for both standard gear wheels and individual customer solutions produced according to a drawing.

Gear wheels – milled, ground or shaped

Our production programme comprises gear wheels for various use. We produce wheels according to your requirements – be it by milling, grinding or shaping. We thus offer gear wheels in different modules and various diameters, e.g. in a milled version with a user-defined conical or convex helix angle, ground with a helix angle of 0 – 45 degrees or shaped or spur-toothed only. All gear wheels comply with the gearing standards DIN 3962/67, up to 5 and 7.

Gear wheel - milled

of 0.3 – 18.0


of 15 – 1250 mm

Please note:
  • Gearing quality DIN 3962/67, up to 7
  • Helix angle user-defined (conical or convex)
Gear wheel - ground

of 0.7 – 18.0


of 15 – 700 mm

Please note:
  • Gearing quality DIN 3962/67, up to 5 (4)
  • Helix angle 0 – 45 degrees
Gear wheel - shaped

of 0.75 – 8.0


of up to 500 mm

Please note:
  • Gearing quality DIN 3962/67, up to 7
  • Spur-toothed only

Further high-quality drive components

By means of our modern CNC machines, we do not only produce gear wheels but also bevel gears, worm shafts as well as many other high-quality drive components. We produce precision parts according to a sample or a drawing from all machinable materials, tested and ready to use, either as single-unit production or mass-produced. All drive components are tested by TÜV and certified according to ISO 9001:2015. In addition, the consistently high quality is ensured by self-checking.

In case you have any specific questions regarding the production of individual gear wheels or if you are interested in any other drive components like chain wheels or toothed racks, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We would also be pleased to call you back.


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